About eventeur

What is eventeur?

eventeur is a free app that helps you find something to do. It does this by locating and mapping out events, social activities, and meet ups happening in your city. Currently, eventeur is a web based app only.. However, a mobile app is being worked on and should be available towards the end of 2013.

Who is behind this!?

eventeur is currently being developed and managed by a single person, me! Richard Galindo.. But who am I, you ask? Just a regular guy.. But if you must know more about me, you can learn about some of the other things I've worked on and a little bit about my personality here: http://linkedin.com/in/richardgalindo

Why spend so much time building a free app?

For you of course! I know how it is to be bored, I built this app to help erradicate such uneventful days. I hope this app motivates you to discover a side of your city you've never experienced before... Maybe by discovering a new band or by trying something new.

Where can I use eventeur?

You can use eventeur anywhere, however, eventeur is only able to map events from San Antonio, TX and its surrounding areas. I plan for it to list events from every major city in Texas before the end of 2012.

What can I expect from eventeur in the future?

Other then adding more event categories and sources, one of the features I plan on adding is the ability to save/add/edit/claim event listings and venues. There are many other ideas that I plan on implementing into eventeur, however, I am just one person.. And these things take time. So bare with me, I see great things for eventeur.. And I hope that after you've used it, you do to.

Is there anything I can do to help?

Yes, of course! Since I am a single entity trying to develop the next big thing, I am and will appreciate all the help one can offer. How can you help? Get the word out! Share this site by using the tools at the top of this page, or by telling a friend about it. My marketing budget is close to 0, so any support will be greatly appreciated. If you're a mobile developer and have experience developing with the Android or iOS sdk's and are interested in my venture, give me a shout! I am currently looking for a partner to help push this app to the next level and would like to collaborate with you.

How can I get ahold of you?

For all inquires, you can email me here: contact@eventeur.co - Please provide me with your contact information if you wish to recieve a response.

Quick Disclaimer

eventeur is not perfect, IT IS a work in progress, it will not be accurate 100% of the time « this is the reason why I have integrated a 'Google it!' (temporary) ability so you can do your own research on an event if you're not 100% sure about the information eventeur is providing you. This ability is a temporary solution until I have perfected eventeurs data gathering techniques and event page (to accompany listings).